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Hi, I'm Angie.  

I am a User Experience Designer & Researcher with a deep passion for making a positive impact in the lives of others through intentional, intuitive and inclusive design.

Ontario, Canada

Some of the work I'm most proud of.

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People living further from the equator experience days with fewer hours of sunshine during the fall and winter months.

It appears the lack of sunlight may trigger a shift in the regulation of people’s moods, hormones and sleep.

My Role

I was the Lead User Researcher for the 10 week project.

Main Goal

Support people who experience seasonal depression in maintaining healthy habits.

24-Hour Hackathon
Microsoft x BrainStation

Collaborated with a team of 3 UX Designers and 2 Web Developers to solve
a 24-hour challenge. Conducted research, sketched designs, translated designs on wireframes and prototyped to high fidelity, all whilst communicating with Web Developers.

My Role

I was the Lead User Researcher for the 24-hour challenge.

Main Goal

Design a digital solution that would enhance the community culture and the performance of employees, whether they work in-office, remote, or in a hybrid model.

The Cloudy Bunch- Industry Challenge - Google Slides.png


Heuristic Evaluation

Collaborated with a team of 4 UX Designers to evaluate the usability of a specific task flow of Somewhere Inn’s desktop website, identify successful areas of the website, identify 7 heuristic issues, rank the issues in order of usability severity, design and prototype a solution mockup of the website.

Image by Scott Graham

My Role

I was the Lead User Researcher and contributed to wireframing and UX writing for the 1 week design sprint. 

Main Goal

Conduct a heuristic evaluation of an existing website and propose design solutions.


Nice to meet you.

I'm a French Canadian retired bartender, social worker and senior care coordinator, turned UX designer. My deep sense of empathy led me to strive for two things: making a positive impact in the lives of others, and surrounding myself with as many animals as possible. Connect with me if you'd like to talk about anything UX or see cute pictures of my pets!

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