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I'm Angie.

Nice to meet you!

I'm a French Canadian, retired bartender, social worker and senior care coordinator, turned UX designer. My deep sense of empathy led me to strive for two things: making a positive impact in the lives of others, and surrounding myself with as many animals as possible. Connect with me if you'd like to talk about anything UX or see cute pictures of my pets!


How I got started in user research

I've always had a passion for human behaviour. From a young age I would sit quietly and listen to grown-up conversations, or watch other kids interact. I always asked, "why" (sorry, Mom!). Naturally, I decided to study psychology and worked with all kinds of different people. I would have to say that my favourite people to work with are the ones who are considered vulnerable, or not lucky. Don't get me wrong, it is extremely difficult to see others go through difficult times, but the joy that comes with solving issues and finding solutions that once seemed impossible is an amazing feeling. And this is why I enjoy user research. 

What I've been working on 

I have just completed a UX/UI Bootcamp and worked on various group and individual projects. The most valuable projects where I learned the most were design sprints, heuristic evaluations, and a capstone project.

What I'm curious about

I find augmented reality absolutely fascinating. I would like to spend some time researching and dabbing into the AR world. 

Contact me

Email me at: or connect with me via LinkedIn 


Thanks for your message! I will get back to you shortly.

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